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This extension allows to use SMTP provider to send emails on your store.



Magento framework sends emails via PHP function as default method, and it usually causes spam issues because emails are sent from the server where your store is installed. The easiest and most cost saving method is to use SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to send emails. This extension allows to send emails using 3rd-party SMTP providers on your store. This extension includes predefined SMTP templates for Gmail and AWS (Amazon Web Service) SES which are used in many e-commerce stores. Therefore, it is easy to set up SMTP configuration on the admin panel. This extension also allows to customize SMTP settings, such as hostname, port, authentication method, connection security and etc, it means this extension is compatible with other SMTP providers. Moreover, this extension allows to easily test the connection between your store and SMTP provider on the admin panel. In addition, this extension has an option to save all email records which are sent from your store, and automatically delete old data through cron job.


  • Include predefined SMTP templates
  • Allow to save email history
  • Allow to set cron job to automatically delete email history
  • Allow to send test email on the admin panel to test the connection between your store and SMTP provider
  • Debug email sending on the admin panel



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