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Google Address Autocomplete extension allows customers to complete shipping and billing address easier and more accurate.



This extension implements an address auto-complete function using Google Places. The extension uses the Google API to fill out shipping and billing address quickly, reducing the chance of human error. It is common to input the wrong address by the customer because of human error, such as misspelling and wrong zip code. The incorrect address causes additional shipping cost and delayed deliveries, which impact customer experience. With this extension, the customers are given a suggested address list to complete their address based on the partial address they input, and then just click one of options to complete an address form. This extension also has options to choose geolocation and country restriction to get a more accurate result from Google Places API.

An additional Google account is required to use this extension. Please click here to create your account. It is free! Then click here to get a Google Places API key. It is free for up to 150,000 API calls every day, and there is also an option to upgrade Google account to have more API calls.


  • Easy to complete address to make purchase faster
  • Reduce the chance of incorrect address input
  • Use Google Places API to automatically complete address
  • Allow browser geolocation and country restriction options
  • Add address autocomplete feature into address book of my account and shipping/billing address form of guest/onepage/multi-shipping checkout


Please send email to, if you have any questions.

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Product Name Google Address Autocomplete
Platform Magento 2
Edition Community, Enterprise
Version 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x
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