Ajax Scroll

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Ajax Scroll extension allows to browse category pages and search results without switching pages.

* Compatible With: Community 2.1.x ~ 2.2.x



Ajax Scroll extension uses Ajax to automatically load products without switching pages on category pages and search result pages. It makes the customer easy to browse a large number of products. This extension also allows several modes to loading products.

Loading Mode

  • Button mode: Load the next page content by clicking the loading button on the current page
  • Auto-load mode: Automatically load the next page content by scrolling to the bottom of the page until no more content load
  • Auto-load + button mode: Use the auto-load mode for the first N page content and use the button mode for the rest content


  • Allows working on category pages and search results (general search and advanced search)
  • Allows showing back-to-top button on category pages and search results
  • Allows to customize pagination toolbar


Please send email to admin@azaleasoft.com, if you have any questions.

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